It’s that time of year again! No, not shopping for back-to-school clothes and supplies. We mean changing up your skin care routine to reflect the new season—fall! Your skin’s needs vary with the seasons and to keep your complexion in tip-top shape, here are six smart things to do:

1. Slough it off

Most likely, your skin has been exposed to the sun’s wrath this summer. Days at the beach and picnics in the park are good times but not necessarily good for your skin. Additionally, the build up of sunscreen on your face may have clogged your pores leaving your skin dull and a little rough around the edges. To reveal a brighter complexion, twice a week (don’t go overboard) slough off some of the dead skin with an exfoliating scrub. Another option is to treat yourself and your complexion to a professional facial or deep-cleansing Hydrafacial at our Rejuvaderm MediSpa.

2. Kinder Cleansers

With the summer heat, you may have found your skin to be oilier than usual so using a deeper-cleansing face wash was appropriate. As the heat subsides and autumn arrives, you’ll need to start cleansing with gentler solution that removes dirt but doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

3. Mega Moisturizers

Lightweight was the name of the game in summer. But with the dryness of fall, you will need to slather up with something a little more heavy duty. If your skin still feels too oily wearing a night cream at bedtime, then only apply in dry areas. Don’t forget sunscreen during the day as the sun’s rays still penetrate through the clouds.

4. Mask it

Facial masks are a great way to treat your skin and give yourself a mini facial in a matter of minutes! Facial Masks have its roots in exotic locales renowned for their rich concoctions of fresh herb, fruit, and flower extracts. Most masks today usually contain ingredients that add moisture and hydration back into the skin – clay, aloe vera, algae, essential oils, seaweed and vitamins—that were depleted in the summer’s heat.

5. Eyes Cream, You Scream

Your eyes can’t keep a secret. Although they are the windows to the soul, they are also the first to show signs of stress and aging. A richer eye cream for fall can help combat some of the signs of too much summer fun—puffiness, dark circles, sun damage—while also help prevent a cold weather culprit—dryness. Look for eye creams that target your specific concerns.

6. Get Your Mist on

A hydrating mist is one of summer’s beauty essentials that easily translates from the heat of summer to the cold of winter. Using a hydrating mist is great for refreshing the skin, protecting it from the elements and setting your makeup. Applying the hydrating mist throughout the day adds an intense moisture boost and nourishes the skin with aloe vera, Vitamin C, and shea butter, to name a just few popular ingredients.