After so many years looking into the sad eyes of patients in Spring, I have now come to the conclusion that May could be the cruelest month on your skin.

After a Winter like ours, the appearance of the skin coming into Spring is anything but soft and glowing. The surfaces are ashen, dry and rough. Blue veins have become more noticeable. Calloused feet and unsightly hair growth hidden ‘til now by seasonal clothing can make you feel like hiding.

The change of seasons can prompt all kinds of issues. Sudden heat and humidity, on top of all your dry skin, can trigger oiliness and acne. Allergies can erupt due to the first bursts of sun exposure and early pollen.

Fortunately, skin responds well to kindness. The right treatments are new sources of hope – something that Spring always seems to inspire.

Two essential combatants to dry skin are moisturization and things that make the skin glow, such as exfoliation. Start with a shower rubdown using a moisturizing body cleanser on a clean washcloth. Don’t bother scrubbing your legs if you already use a razor, since shaving removes dead skin on its own.

Avoid following exfoliation with a heavy cream, because in warm weather, even the slightest perspiration can leave skin dripping. You can avoid the issue completely by applying a soothing cream at night. Otherwise, any light lotion that contains glycolic, alpha hydroxy, or fruit acids will quickly restore vibrance to dead-looking skin. We carry a number of lotions to meet your needs.

For more intense exfoliation on the arms and chest, try a microdermabrasion treatment, which can remove over 75 percent of the skin’s outermost layer on those rough, dry areas in less than 10 minutes.