While winter weather is a common cause of dry skin, extremely dry skin may be a different and more significant matter. You may want to talk to a dermatologist to discover why your skin is so dry and how to avoid it. For example, you may be advised to avoid contact with certain products or chemicals.

Absent of those factors, the following strategies may also help you manage dry skin.

Use less hot water

It may seem like a good idea to soak in lots of water when you’re trying to rehydrate your skin. But hot, soapy water can oftentimes make dry skin worse by stripping the protective oils from your skin, leaving it vulnerable to drying. Keep your baths and showers short and use warm water rather than hot.

Use minimal soap

Ditto for using too much soap or hand sanitizers too often, which can also cause your skin to dry out. Use soap and hand sanitizers sparingly. Only apply soap when and where you need it, such as under your arms and on your feet. Choose mild, fragrance-free options such as white Dove, Vanicream, or Basis brands that are designed to be less drying.


Skin moisturizers are among your most important weapons in your arsenal for fighting dry skin. The right moisturizers can help you treat and prevent dry skin. There are four basic types of moisturizers that are available without a prescription.

  • Ointment moisturizers tend to trap the most moisture in your skin, but sometimes they can feel greasy. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is an example of this type of moisturizer.
  • Oil moisturizers tend to be less greasy than ointments, but they’re still effective at fighting dry skin. Examples include baby oil, mineral oil, and bath oil.
  • Cream moisturizers tend to be more popular than other types of ointments or oils because your skin absorbs them more easily. Examples include hand creams.
  • Lotion moisturizers generally feel the least greasy. But they can be less moisturizing than the other options because of their higher alcohol content.

After you wash your skin, pat it dry. Then apply your ointment, oil, cream, or lotion right away. Moisturizing right after washing can help you trap as much moisture as possible in your skin.

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