As the seasons changes from the humid winds of summer to the harsh winds of winter, our skin loses moisture and your skin condition and appearance can suffer.

It’s important to keep your skin moisturized over the winter but it’s more than simply adding a lotion or cream to your skin surface. It’s also about choosing the right moisturizer formularized for the season and maintaining the proper skin care regimen to avoid drying out so the moisturizer can do its job. Here are a few simple tips:

Use Sunscreen
Most of us tend to avoid the use of sunscreen in winter season and that’s probably the biggest mistake you can make. Your skin still needs protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which is why sunscreen should be used on all of the exposed areas of your body. Shop carefully and choose a sunscreen specially formulated for winter conditions.
Use Light Facial Products
The chilling winds of winter can rob your skin of its ability to regenerate. Together with moisturizer, choose facial products and cosmetics composed of healing ingredients such as essential oils, lavender, aloe vera and chamomile.
Avoid Powders On Your Face
Powders applied to your face skin can quickly dry out your complexion and lead to cracked surfaces. Avoid their use for a more glowing and natural appearance.
Be Gentle With Elbows & Knees
Elbows and knees are particularly susceptible to drying and cracked skin during the cold weather months. Exfoliate regularly and keep them hydrated with a thicker moisturizing cream on a daily basis. In the event of extreme crustiness, pat the area with petroleum jelly and wear long PJs to protect bedding over night.
Don’t Forget Your Lips
Be wary of standard lip glosses and lipsticks in the winter. Opt for creamy lip balms and lipsticks for an amazing look that also moisturizes and softens your lips. Some even come with added SPF protection. Shop around.
Humidify Your Skin
The body has to be kept hydrated. The dry heat generated at home and the workplace makes that a challenge. Drink as much water or liquids as you can. After bathing, add a quality moisturizer within 3 minutes of drying off to lock in the body’s natural moisture. This nourishes and keeps the skin supple and smooth to the touch.
We Offer the Products You Need
Our dermatology and medical spa offices carry an exceptional variety of over-the-counter medical grade skin care products specially formulated for winter…and the knowledgeable and helpful associates to assist you with the selections that are best for you.