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image_ZKXJd1f.jpeg (image_FQCMiyd.webp)Fox News (8/4, Leggate) reports a survey (PDF) “conducted by a doctor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the grassroots COVID-19 survivor group Survivor Corps using a Facebook poll” has “identified dozens of potential long-term coronavirus symptoms that had previously been unreported, including hair loss.” While the CDC has “identified only 17 persistent COVID-19 symptoms, the survey of more than 1,500 patients found 98 possible symptoms, according to” the physician. The physician added, “The new symptoms our study identified include severe nerve pain, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, blurry vision and even hair loss.” Over “a quarter of the new survey’s reported symptoms – 26.5% – were painful, according to the report.” Fox News adds, “The American Academy of Dermatology is also tracking ‘dermatologic manifestations’ of the coronavirus,” and “has already warned of people with the virus developing a rash or ‘COVID toes’ that are swollen and discolored.”

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